Sovereign of the Three Realms

Chapter 1353: A Womans Heart Is Unfathomable

With her change in attitude, Dan Fei instantly gained the sincere acceptance of Jiang Chen’s guards and followers, particularly when everyone learned she’d sacrificed her virtue to help him in his time of need. 

After she’d learned of her pregnancy, she’d made the resolute decision to leave Skylaurel as to not affect him. As a result, she’d suffered countless hardships during her wanderings.

“Sister Goyou, I was an ignorant little girl back then. Please forgive me if I ever offended you. You’re my good sister, so I’ll need your help in the future if anything happens.”

Gouyu had been somewhat on her guard against Dan Fei, but she was now won over. Perhaps a girl only gained true maturity after motherhood.

“Dan Fei, I was also in the wrong. Let’s forget the past. The residence is going to be livelier with  you around.” Gouyu was a candid and magnanimous woman. Now that Dan Fei had softened her stance, Gouyu welcomed her with open arms. As for Nian’er, Eastern Zhiruo had already taken her away to play.

Walking side by side, Gouyu and Dan Fei strode to the rear garden. Jiang Chen knew they needed to chat privately, so he didn’t butt in. Some things were best left for them to resolve alone.

“Dan Fei, I admire what you did for the young lord. However, I need to say something up front.”

With a serious face, Dan Fei nodded. “Sister Gouyu, I await your words.”

“The road to happiness for you two was strewn with hardship. But all’s well that ends well. To be honest, I’m rather envious. But, the young lord must have been previously in the dark about this matter?”

Dan Fei nodded. “Yes, he didn’t know. I didn’t want to be a burden and I didn’t want him to think of me as cheap and wanton. That’s why I decided to leave Skylaurel once I learned I carried his child. I only wanted to find somewhere peaceful to give birth and raise my daughter by myself.”

Gouyu nodded. She was pensive and suddenly added, “Then you must know that the young lord has had a dao partner for the past ten years. They went through fire and water together, sharing much joy and sorrow. She left a few days ago, but she’s won everyone’s goodwill here. Everyone loves her very much.”

Jiang Chen hadn’t mentioned this, but Dan Fei had already guessed something from the crowd’s gaze. With the sharp intuition of a woman, she’d faintly sensed a strange atmosphere.

“She… she must be a remarkable woman?” Although Dan Fei was ready, she still felt a faint twinge of jealousy. But then, when seen from another angle, how could an exceptional genius like Jiang Chen not attract outstanding girls?

The green-eyed monster would have consumed her younger self whole, but her current self could maintain a rational point of view. For a prodigy like Jiang Chen, countless women across the world would naturally be willing to line up to await his attention.

Dan Fei knew that such a man would never belong to her alone. It wouldn’t become her to be a jealous hag.

Gouyu nodded calmly. “She’s extraordinary, more so than you and I can imagine. Even now, the young lord might not be her equal when it comes to martial cultivation. And despite being Veluriyam’s young lord, his status perhaps isn’t as exalted as hers…”

“Is she that incredible?” Dan Fei didn’t know anything about Huang’er. Gouyu’s description left her stumped for words.

“She is. She comes from the legendary Myriad Abyss Island. Her beauty is out of this world and she’s also frank and generous. She never plays off the airs of a noble lady, but there’s an aura seeping from her every word and move. You can’t but acknowledge her superior bearing.

“Everyone calls her Miss Huang’er. Those close to her also address her as younger sister Huang’er.”

“Huang’er?” Dan Fei quietly repeated. “The name itself is so ethereal and full of artistry. I can tell how remarkable she is just from her name.”

Gouyu smiled faintly. “She’s remarkable indeed. However, you have your advantages as well. Your feelings for him are as deep as the sea. Well, let’s change the subject. Sister Huang’er is generous and easy-mannered, I’m sure you two will get along just fine.”

Gouyu wasn’t trying to scare Dan Fei. Since she’d accepted Dan Fei from the bottom of her heart, there was no reason to put a spoke in the new mistress’ wheel.

Women were strange creatures. If they discarded the ill-feelings between them, they could become bosom friends with a few words. The two of them came back from the back garden like long-lost friends, all giggles and laughter, making for an harmonious picture.

Since Jiang Chen had already acknowledged Dan Fei and she’d even given birth to his daughter, he naturally had to take her to formally call on his father.

Jiang Feng was an easy-going man. Although he was single-mindedly loyal to his own wife, he was very tolerant when it came to his son.

“Good kid, you’re quite the lucky one! You have to cherish a loyal and devoted girl like her.” Jiang Feng was full of praise for his son’s taste in women.

Both Huang’er and Dan Fei were stunning beauties with extraordinary temperament. There was no reason for Jiang Feng not to be happy with daughters-in-law like them, especially when Dan Fei had even brought him a granddaughter.

Jiang Feng swept up Nian’er in his arms and laughed merrily. “Chen’er, this girl’s nose and her chin are from the same mold as yours. Kid, aren’t your eyes usually quite sharp? What happened this time? Your daughter was on Sacred Peafowl Mountain all along, why didn’t you recognize her?”

Jiang Chen rubbed his nose, at a loss how to explain. How would he know a girl was his own with a simple glance? Was he supposed to read it in the tea leaves?

It would have required an inhuman amount of associative ability.

Listening to Jiang Feng, Dan Fei understood her father-in-law had already accepted her. A feeling as sweet as honey welled up in her.

“Nian’er, greet your grandpa.”

Like the cute and obedient girl she was, Nian’er rubbed her little cheek against Jiang Feng, to the latter’s glee.

“Grandpa, you’re as handsome as daddy,” Nian’er complimented.

Jiang Feng laughed out loud. “Haha, am I? Look at how glib her tongue is. Chen’er, your daughter is smarter than you at the same age!”

Jiang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. At the same age? This body hadn’t been his back then, so he didn’t have any memories of it. But given his predecessor’s intelligence level, no one in their right mind would have called him smart.

“Everyone says that if you have a grandpa, you must also have a grandma. Grandpa, where’s Nian’er’s grandma?” Nian’er suddenly asked a naive question amidst of the happy atmosphere.

Jiang Chen’s face instantly turned green. “Nian’er, don’t spout nonsense.”

Nian’er froze. She wonder why her daddy’s reaction was so extreme.

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at his son. “Why’re you so harsh? Nian’er is innocent and means no harm. Is that how a father should act? I used to be quite indulgent with you.”

Jiang Feng had truly spoiled Jiang Chen so much so the latter had become a useless womanizer. However, Jiang Feng had his own difficult circumstances. He wouldn’t have minded Jiang Chen spending a lifetime as a skirt-chaser, as long as his son stayed far away from certain matters.

Jiang Chen took Nian’er from his father’s arms and relayed to Dan Fei, “Dan’er, take out Nian’er for a stroll. I have a few things I need to tell my father.”

Dan Fei made a noise of assent. She took Nian’er by the hand and led her outside.

Jiang Feng complained, “Kid, why are you being so secretive? I was having a good time with my granddaughter.”

“Father, there’s something I need to discuss with you.”

“What is it? I’m listening,” Jiang Feng said, rather distracted.

“I think we should go to the Moon God Sect sometime soon. I’m going to propose marriage in Veluriyam’s name. I’ll make them hand mother over and give both of you a triumphant reunion!”

Jiang Feng’s unconcerned expression suddenly turned to excitement. “Chen’er, are you serious?”

“Of course. The preparations are almost done. We can set off as soon as some friends arrive.” This time, apart from the wandering great emperors, Jiang Chen had also invited the Great Yu Skysword Sect’s Han Qianzhan, as well as the Celestial Cicada Court’s Su Huanzhen.

“Chen’er, do you think the Moon God Sect will agree?” Jiang Feng felt some apprehension. 

He’d suffered all kinds of hardships during recent years. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he’d been a hair’s breadth away from losing his life, but he’d never felt fear even staring into death’s abyss. However, he couldn’t help but feel some trepidation at this moment.

Jiang Chen offered a serene smile. He proudly said, “Not agree? The Moon God Sect has received many of my favors. If they don’t agree, that’d make them ungrateful bastards. I’m Veluriyam’s young lord now. My status is loftier than their sect. For them to refuse would be sheer idiocy. As long as they aren’t mentally disabled, I promise they’ll agree.

“However, mother belongs to their second sectmaster’s Blue Moon faction. The second sectmaster is as stubborn as a mule. She’s set in her ways and will fight tooth and nail. That’s why I’ve made some preparations. When the time comes, they’ll have to agree whether they want to or not!”

Jiang Chen had a no-holds-barred attitude when it came to his parents’ reunion. If the Moon God Sect truly couldn’t distinguish good from bad, then he wouldn’t mind having them feel the full force of his displeasure.

“Chen’er, this matters has great ramifications. It doesn’t only concern your mother, but also your younger sister. So if possible, it’d be better not to fall out with them. We should stay as friendly as possible and talk things over.”

Jiang Feng was more cool-headed than his son. Although he longed for his wife, his daughter was also in the same sect. So, no matter how much he used to loathe the Moon God Sect, he’d generously forgiven them for the sake of his daughter. After all, the Moon God Sect were bastards, but they’d raised an outstanding girl for him.

Thinking about his sister Xu Qingxuan, a smile floated on Jiang Chen’s lips. “Qingxuan hasn’t been brainwashed by the second sectmaster after so many years. She must have been born with smarts and perception.”

Although they’d only met a few times, he admired his sister and cherished her. Apart from her, he also had a younger brother wandering somewhere out there. Jiang Chen didn’t know yet whether he was dead or alive. The worry weighed heavily on him.

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