God of Slaughter

Chapter 1427 - The Ultimate Power Upanishad!

Chapter 1427: The Ultimate Power Upanishad!
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Ming Hong was like a little bat circling a massive ancient tower. He was cautious enough not to touch the tower. Apparently, he knew its power.

Brian and Ming Hao saw his strange deeds, so they stopped paying attention to Audrey and Mei Ji. Audrey’s blushing slowly subsided. She blamed her uncle for his dog-like mouth that couldn’t have elephant ivory. He didn’t say anything good enough.

Ming Hong circled the ancient tower for a while. He seemed to confirm something. Then, he came back to Audrey’s shoulder and sighed. “I can’t believe what Tate had said is true.”

Brian, Ming Hao, Audrey, and Mei Ji looked at him and waited for him to explain. Ming Hong didn’t go around the bush.

“Very early on, the Soul Clan knew that the Sea of Annihilation’s seabed had an Absolute Beginning vestige. They have sent a lot of warriors to search and explore. Lately, they found the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. They said they even found the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. Tate contacted Singh and invited him for this search mission. Singh had agreed. He planned to finish his business on Dragon Lizard Star before going to the Sea of Annihilation to find the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.”

“What’s the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower?” frowned Ming Hao.

“You know it, don’t you?” Ming Hong grinned and looked at Mei Ji from a distance.

Indeed, Mei Ji nodded. “I know the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower has two functions. It contains or creates the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is a tool that Absolute Beginning creatures created. It’s like a container. Somehow, it’s similar to the bone pond of the White Bone Clan. However, it’s much more mysterious. I heard from the precursor in my clan that each of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower has hundred of levels. To create an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, it requires a lot of things…”

“For example?” asked Brian.

“For example, to refine an Ice Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, it requires millions of warriors who cultivate Ice power Upanishad from the very beginning level to the utmost level to be sacrificial objects.” She rose her porcelain hand and pointed at so many windows on the massive tower at the lowest level.

“Those windows lock many warriors cultivating Ice power Upanishad. From the lowest level, the warriors’ realms are in increasing order: Elementary, Nascent, Human Realm, Disaster Realm, Earth Realm, Nirvana Realm, Sky Realm, Spirit God Realm, True God Realm, King God Realm, Original God Realm, Ethereal God Realm, Incipient God Realm, Immortal Realm, and even experts at Territory Ancestor Realm. As the ultimate powers of the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol are different, the arrangement of the warriors at different realms is also different. For example, the Elementary warriors could be placed in the lowest ten levels or up to the twentieth level. No matter what thought, the low-realm warriors are placed lower as a foundation.”

“Look at it. You can see that the lower levels of the tower are large. The number of warriors that act as a foundation could be millions. Also, there are actually so many of them to be found. The tower gets smaller all the way to the top with fewer and fewer windows. It’s because the higher the realm of the warriors, they are harder to find. See, there’re around dozens of windows for Incipient God Realm and ten windows for Immortal Realm. Above them is the window for the Territory Ancestor Realm. It can vary. If they want to refine the top quality Absolute Beginning Original Symbol with the ultimate supernatural power, they will need at least one expert at Territory Ancestor Realm.

“The refining process is simple. Once the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower opens, it will take the streaks of power Upanishad in those warriors cultivating Ice power Upanishad imprisoned in those windows. Then, their spirit, soul, and Qi will become one Absolute Beginning symbol representing Ice power Upanishad. After that, it will leave the window and move around the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower unceasingly. If all those Absolute Beginning symbols merge together, they will create an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, which carries the supernatural abilities of a power Upanishad.”

“According to what you said, to refine an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, it will need dozens of thousands of creatures cultivating the same power Upanishad as the sacrifices. Also, the sacrifice requires Incipient God Realm, Immortal Realm, and even Territory Ancestor Realm experts?” The God Lord grimaced.

“It’s true.” Mei Ji also felt chilled from the bottom of her heart. “To receive the Ultimate power Upanishad from the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, it will need a Territory Ancestor Realm expert as a sacrifice!”

“The Ultimate power Upanishad?” Ming Hao was also astounded.

“The Absolute Beginning creatures could create billions of lives in their own territory in that era. Those creatures were used as sacrifices to refine the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. It’s like how we breed and grow spirit beasts or herbs until they are at a specific strength or qualification when we will kill them or harvest them to refine tools, weapons, and pellets.” explained Mei Ji.

Brian and Ming Hao exchanged looks. Their countenances became odder as they sighed inwardly.

They lived in Desolate Territory where Desolate was the Lord of all things. If it was as Mei Ji had just explained, they were the creatures Desolate had bred and nurtured to refine as pellets later.

They were materials with various qualification. The lowest quality products would become the foundation of the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. Experts at their realm could become the sacrifice at the top of the tower. Although their realms were different, their consequences were the same.

—— They were materials that Desolate would use to create something.

“I heard from my precursors that in a territory, after dozens of thousands of years of selecting from the Elementary to the Incipient God Realm or Immortal Realm, the number of qualified warriors is just enough to refine one Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. If they have a Territory Ancestor Realm expert, the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol produced will be at a higher quality. The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol is much more precious than the Immortal Pellet. If it’s true that the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol contains the Ultimate power Upanishad, it is…”

Mei Ji shook her head. Magical light shot out from her eyes as she watched Shi Yan’s soul altar hover above the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower.

“What is he doing?” Brian asked with a dark face.

“Taking the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. One of his power Upanishads is matched with that Absolute Beginning Original Symbol,” sighed Mei Ji.

“Life power Upanishad!” Ming Hao was surprised. “The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol in that Power Upanishad Symbol Tower is the Life power Upanishad. Those Absolute Beginning symbols mean life!”

God Lord Brian’s heart beat faster. He thought and then clutched his chest, feeling so bitter.

Both Brian and Ming Hao didn’t cultivate Life power Upanishad. Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t get it. Moreover, they needed that tower to leave this place. Even if they were indignant, they had to watch and wait for Shi Yan to take the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. Also, when dangers were going to come, they had to protect Shi Yan too.

They knew what the ultimate supernatural abilities were. The Blood Soul Sea and the Death and Life Rotating Bridge were Shi Yan’s supernatural abilities. They were secret techniques formed with Nature’s principles so somehow, they were the gifts of Nature.

The Ultimate power Upanishad was the Origin of a power Upanishad, the last and most profound form with the deepest and most magical abilities, which could even become a principle!

The Ultimate power Upanishad was the principle of a power Upanishad. It was marvelously unrivaled as it was the rules of earth and heaven that even the Territory Ancestor Realm experts couldn’t understand!

Would it be anything more painful than watching the other take the treasure and have to protect him instead of competing for that treasure?

Ming Hao and Brian had twisted faces as if their entire families were killed in front of them. The feeling was like a volcano as they had to suppress them, almost causing internal wounds.

“Power Upanishad Symbol Tower! It’s a Power Upanishad Symbol Tower! We found it!” However, Tate’s wild laughter came from a far distance. He was screaming, his face eccentric. “It’s the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, really, and it’s a complete preserved one!”

Batum and the old woman from the Devouring Clan were so excited and shivering. They looked at the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower from a distance as if they were eyeing countless mountains of gold and treasures.

“Someone is taking the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol!” Batum’s face was like the face of a strange, wiggling snake. He was extremely ugly. He screamed like he had just gotten stabbed and dashed towards the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower as he thundered, “That darn kid, he doesn’t want to live anymore. You think you deserve to compete for the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol? You should be dead a million times!

“Batum!” Mei Ji’s face was pale as she whined.

Batum stooped to see Mei Ji. He was bewildered for a while and then laughed crazily. “After I kill that kid and get the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, I will have a talk with you!”

“Precursors, we had a clear deal. You two can take the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower will belong to our Soul Clan. I’m going to report to my teacher. He’ll come shortly!” Tate pitched his voice.

“Tate, do you know what is the biggest mistake you’ve made?” The old woman of the Devouring Clan suddenly smiled eccentrically.

Tate was bewildered. “What?”

“You shouldn’t do it behind your teacher’s back. You shouldn’t be so greedy to get this soup for yourself alone. You didn’t report this to your teacher. That was your biggest mistake!”

The old woman from the Devouring Clan grinned. Her soul altar spun and a piece of a disgusting swamp swarmed over, covering Tate and some warriors of the Soul Clan. Within several seconds, Tate melted into the dirty water in the swamp.

The old woman got rid of her erosive swamp and looked at Batum. “To refine an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, it needs the creatures of an entire territory. Batum, you cultivate alone. Even if you get the tower, you don’t have enough power to refine the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. Only the Seven Great Clans can do that. We should make a deal, shouldn’t we?”

Batum was about to attack her. Realizing that the Absolute Beginning symbols hadn’t finished merging, he halted ad asked, “What deal?”

“You take this unknown Absolute Beginning Original Symbol. You can exchange it for anything from a Territory Ancestor Realm expert with the matched power Upanishad! This Power Upanishad Symbol Tower will belong to our Devouring Clan. I can pledge that our Devouring Clan will find the sacrifices to help you refine another Absolute Beginning Original Symbol that matches your power Upanishad!” hissed the old woman.

Batum was hesitant.

However, Mei Ji suddenly called him. “Batum, if you help our Phantom Clan take that Power Upanishad Symbol Tower, I agree with you. I will marry you and serve you as much as you want! I can promise you that the Phantom Clan will try our best to refine an Absolute Beginning Original Symbol for you!”

Batum became more hesitant.

“Batum! It’s just a woman. When you reach the Territory Ancestor Realm and you get the Absolute Beginning Original Symbol, what else will you not be able to have?” The Devouring Clan old woman sneered. “Even right now, I can confine this woman and you can do whatever you want with her!”

Mei Ji’s soft body quivered!

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