God of Slaughter

Chapter 1426 - The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol!

Chapter 1426: The Absolute Beginning Original Symbol!
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The massive archaic building was as big as a mountain. It looked like a tower with hundreds of thousands of windows. Countless Absolute Beginning symbols were moving on this building.

Those Absolute Beginning symbols represented life!

Shi Yan gathered his spirit and observed, revolving his soul altar to stimulate Life power Upanishad.


His soul altar flew out of his head and moved like a huge cluster of clouds towards the top of the tower-like ancient building.

Shi Yan’s body was still. His bright eyes were dim and blank.

The God Lord Brian and Ming Hao realized the commotion. They emerged from the piles of rocks. Their minds moved along with Shi Yan’s soul altar and checked every small change.

At this moment, Shi Yan’s body didn’t have the soul altar to guard and control. He became like a rock statue. If Brian had any dark thought, he could kill Shi Yan easily.

Ming Hao discreetly watched Brian.

“Don’t doubt me. He’s still valuable to me. I won’t kill him.” Brian smiled indifferently. “I’m waiting to see what will happen to him when he finishes fusing with the heaven flames. Moreover, he triggered some changes here. We’re counting on him to take us out of here.”

Ming Hao looked at him in the eyes. Several seconds later, he quieted down.

Then, they focused on Shi Yan’s soul altar.

That soul altar was like a massive cluster of clouds with many tiers. The lowest tier was the Sea of Consciousness, which was a vast, misty sea. Above the Sea of Consciousness was the tier of power Upanishads with some marvelous features.

It had a jet black cave that was moving like a massive mouth that could swallow everything. It was the Devouring power Upanishad.

It had a galaxy with twinkling stars: the Star power Upanishad.

There was a crystal ball where the life energy fluctuated continuously. Of course, it was the Life power Upanishad.

A strange mirror stood on a corner and reflected many different spaces. It was the Space power Upanishad.

Another section had a whole gray, cold, isolated land with thick Death Qi. It was the Death power Upanishad.

Those were the wonders on the tier of power Upanishads. After Shi Yan had reached the Immortal Realm, his power Upanishads had transformed while he didn’t notice. They had turned into tangible matter and stayed in his tier of power Upanishads.

The sea of fire with the Original Flames was separated with the power Upanishads even though they shared the same tier. They were like the Yin and Yang fish.

Above the tier of power Upanishads and heaven flames was a star area that had been resized billions of times smaller. It had a vast space, numerous stars where ancient trees, mountains, and rivers grew. Although Death Qi hovered, there was no creature.

It was his Incipient Extent. Before it opened, it looked a little vague.

The co-soul and the host soul occupied the place above the Incipient Extent and floated like the two Gods watching the immense Incipient Extent, the tier of power Upanishads, and the Sea of Consciousness.

The two God-like souls had different positions. The host soul was hovering a little higher than the co-soul. The co-soul was adjoining with the Incipient Extent. It looked like they had fused with each other and below them was the tier of heaven flames.

The co-soul was floating above the tier of heaven flame and blending harmoniously with the Incipient Extent.

That was Shi Yan’s soul altar.

Today, the cloud-like soul altar slowly floated. Eventually, it hovered above the top of the ancient tower.

The Sea of Consciousness at the bottom of that soul altar rippled strangely and fiercely. The crystal ball that represented the Life power Upanishad on the tier of power Upanishads was glowing in a strange halo with surging vitality. Then, the Sea of Consciousness began to create many light layers and shroud the colossal tower.

Miraculously, the Absolute Beginning symbols on the tower began to move. From the bottom of the tower, they slowly moved upward and merged with each other on the way.

The Absolute Beginning symbols of the lower floors slowly moved upward and fused with the Absolute Beginning symbols on the upper floors. It looked like the worms were moving into a small snake. It was utterly bizarre.

Brian and Ming Hao looked at each other. Even with their profound knowledge, they didn’t know what was going on over there.

The only thing they could do was wait. They had to wait until this finished. Meanwhile, they had to try their best to protect Shi Yan to make his body and soul altar get through this peculiar change.

“I admire this kid. It seems like he got lucky again. Previously, he wasn’t even at Incipient God Realm. After dozens of years, he has reached the Immortal Realm. He’s not far from us,” said Ming Hao with some emotion.

Brian snorted. “Everything is because of the Devouring power Upanishad. This sort of energy collecting evil technique could give him endless ability.

“With Devouring power Upanishad, he doesn’t need to worry about not gathering enough energy. However, he still needs to study the realm. You and I understand clearly that realm comprehension is much more difficult than accumulating energy. As he has reached his realm today, it’s enough to prove one thing; his innate talent is also ultimately extraordinary,” said Ming Hao indifferently.

Brian looked pensive.

What was taking place in front of him proved that Ming Hao wasn’t lying or exaggerating. Although it was the overbearing power of the Devouring power Upanishad that had boosted Shi Yan’s realm, they couldn’t deny that Shi Yan was excellent in learning his realm. With his pride and position, Brian had to admit that Shi Yan wasn’t weaker than anyone.

They didn’t continue their topic and just watched Shi Yan, waiting to see how the situation was going to develop.

Ten days flew hurriedly.

The Absolute Beginning symbols on dozens of lower floors were all gone as they merged upward. Afterward, they became more dazzling and livelier. The vitality emitting from them was so formidable.

“What is going to happen?” muttered Ming Hao.

The God Lord was waiting. He was waiting for Shi Yan to solve the riddle of this ancient building. He longed to get back to Desolate Territory.

As the Chief of the God Clan in Desolate Territory, he understood that his homeland was at a critical moment because of Hui. He was worried about his fellow people and Desolate Territory. He wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Suddenly, he frowned and looked afar. “Someone is coming.”

Ming Hao was startled. But then, his eyes brightened as he smiled.

Six hours later.

A chilly silhouette came with white mist. As soon as she appeared, she was amazed and yelled, “Uncle!” She looked at Ming Hao and felt both happy and worried.

Ming Hao smiled for the first time. “Good. Finally, you’re here. I heard you got…”

He smiled and raked his eyes on her as if he was searching for something. His line of sight stopped by the dark figure laying on Audrey’s shoulder. He was shocked and he shivered. He made a deep bow, “Teacher, you’re still alive.”

Ming Hong grinned strangely. “After ten thousand years, you kiddo, you’ve reached such a realm. You didn’t fail my favor that year!”

Ming Hong was Ming Hao’s first teacher ever. He was also his uncle in the clan. Of course, he could show his superiority.

Ming Hao bent his body respectfully. “Don’t worry, teacher. I will help you get rid of the brutal soul bind. I will find a good Imperial Dark body for you so you can continue your cultivation.”

“We’ll talk about it later,” Ming Hong waved his hand and sat up. He was like a little human sitting on Audrey’s shoulder. “What are you doing here?”


Another warrior arrived. Mei Ji appeared with her mind-stirring beauty.

Ming Hao and Brian the God Lord were puzzled. They looked dazzled and stunned, though. However, they had recovered after a few seconds as they had forcefully removed the mind-puzzling state.

Mei Ji looked at them. She didn’t know what happened. But the fact that Ming Hao and the God Lord weren’t affected by her enchanting technique had frightened her.

As soon as she arrived, she purposely used her soul-enchanting technique. When she used this powerful technique, even ones with Dark Energy like Batum were affected. They couldn’t recover as quickly as these two did. Brian and Ming Hao had taken only a few seconds to resume their sound minds.

As far as she’d known, even normal Territory Ancestor Realm experts didn’t have such tough minds and spirits.

Mei Ji was scared.

“No one can disturb this place. We should kill anyone we don’t know,” Brian said nonchalantly and ruthlessly. “You want to do that or should I do that?” he asked Ming Hao.

Hearing him, Mei Ji felt so chilled. Brian’s inhuman deeds had brought colors to her face. She immediately realized that this stranger used to have bloody karma. This sort of character would have no mercy to the beauty. Even when she had applied the enchanting technique on him, he still wanted to kill her. This man was truly cold-blooded.

Ming Hao didn’t pay attention to him. He turned to Audrey and asked skeptically. “Who is this beautiful woman? If you don’t know her, we’ll kill her. We don’t want anyone to be bothered.”

As Ming Hao was the Soul Control Chief of the Bloodthirsty Force, his hands were soaked in blood. Killing wasn’t a burden in his heart. Somehow, it was a fun and enjoyable act.

“I… I’m here to find Shi Yan.”

It was unfortunate for Mei Ji. She wasn’t weaker than Ming Hao and Brian, but she hadn’t recovered fully from her previous battle. Moreover, after ten thousand years, Ming Hao and Brian had killed billions of creatures. She couldn’t compare to their aura. Instinctively, she was fearful.

“Looking for Shi Yan?” Ming Hao had a strange countenance. He turned to look at the soul altar floating above the massive tower and mocked her, “Oh, dogs will always eat sh*t. This rascal kid always messes with beautiful women. Even when he came here, he still maintained such behaviors.

He ridiculed Shi Yan, but it somehow applied on Mei Ji too. However, after he finished, he found that his niece was blushing. He was so stunned. “You… Are you also with him?” Ming Hao forced a smile, looking at Audrey.

Audrey was so embarrassed.

“The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower! Absolute Beginning Original Symbols!” However, at this moment, Ming Hong, who was sitting on Audrey’s shoulder, suddenly screamed. He flew out and circled like an ugly bat. “I remember it! I remember it! Singh had an appointment with Tate. They said that they would come to the seabed to find it. It’s real, unexpectedly!”

He looked at the massive ancient tower and the Absolute Beginning symbols, and got strangely excited.

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