God of Slaughter

Chapter 1425 - It is… Life!

Chapter 1425: It is… Life!
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“Go there and see if you can break the light curtain.”

While Brian the God Lord was sinking in his thoughts, Ming Hao suggested to Shi Yan to soar up into the sky.

Shi Yan nodded and didn’t think too much about it. He floated up and flew to the light dome that looked like the sky.

After a while, he was hovering right below the light curtain. Observing the ground, he found ruins everywhere. Only the building where Ming Hao and the God Lord were in was intact.

Turning into a starlight jet, he tried to pierce through the light curtain.


It was like he had barged into an invisible rubber wall. His body was forced backward. He urged Dark Energy, hiding his body and storming forward again.


He bounced back again. His body ached so hard that he thought his frame would break.

Wincing, he frowned and assessed the light curtain. He found that the ripples were just outside. They didn’t exist inside. The light curtain had stopped them. The sea water above the light curtain rolled and seethed. It looked like Shi Yan’s impact had created that.

A starlight saber stabbed the light curtain.


The saber exploded and turned into a sprinkle of starlight dots. The light curtain stayed the same.

He frowned and tried the sharp space saber this time. However, an unknown force had stimulated his energy and exploded it before he could form a space saber.

After trying many times, Shi Yan gradually lost hope. His face grew heavy.

“It’s strange. It’s like a one-way barrier. I’ve tried all my tricks but I can’t get through the light curtain.” He returned to Ming Hao and Brian, his face strange. “I guess you’ve tried everything you can in the dozens of years you were trapped here, right?”

Ming Hao and Brian grimaced when they heard him. They looked at the building covered with Absolute Beginning symbols and said nothing.

After a while, Brian said coldly. “It seems like it’s the key. We were right. If only we can explore this ancient building, we will find a way to leave.”

Ming Hao nodded to him as he also agreed with his conclusion.


The ruins under the light curtain.

As soon as Audrey landed, she didn’t say anything but flew toward the direction of the call. It was also where Shi Yan was.

Mei Ji kept an eye on her. Seeing Audrey have a target, she had an idea to follow her silently.

Ling Mei, Farlow, and Yerburgh landed in the middle of the ruins. They observed and became bewildered upon seeing the massive vestige.

“This place looks like an ancient city. Something happened and it became ruins.” Yerburgh walked around and found nothing precious. “It’s really massive. We should disperse. Perhaps we will find something. What do you think?”

Farlow and Ling Mei wore cold faces. Before they found something, they didn’t want to start a dispute.

They scattered and raked through the ruins with the hope of finding something.

After an unknown time, a gray silhouette descended from the sky and landed by Farlow and Telika. He was extremely ugly and had a fat body like a meatball. His face had so many lumps like toad skin. Briefly speaking, he looked nauseating.

This old, disgusting man had a pair of narrow eyes, which were sparkling a sinister light. He was holding a rhombus staff inlaid with a lot of precious gems.

He landed, lifted his head, and said, “You can come now. There’s no problem. Remember what you’ve promised me.”

As soon as he finished, Tate of the Soul Clan laughed and slowly landed, followed by several members of his clan.

An elderly woman from the Devouring Clan with an erosive aura came after Tate. Her deep, turquoise eyes had a strange light as they were raking around like a venomous snake.


Farlow and Telika discolored in fear. They panicked and looked at those who had just arrived.

They had been in this vast vestige for several days without finding anything. Today, when they saw someone they knew, they were discreetly frightened.

“Greetings, precursor Batum!” After being astonished for a while, Telika smiled and greeted the ugly fat old man.

Batum was like a round ball that was even more loathsome than a toad. He rolled his eyes at Telika and grinned, “Black Demon Clan. You’re fast. How are you doing? Did you find anything?”

While talking, his eyes scanned Telika and Farlow as if he would rob them when he found something.

Telika and Farlow were chilled. Instinctively, they moved backward. Telika said, “Nothing. There are only ruins here. We haven’t found anything valuable.”

He rose his hands and continued, “Before we came here, we asked our precursor for permission. He knows where we are. Precursor, don’t trouble us.”

“How do you know I would trouble you guys?” Batum curled his lips, his face malicious and dark.

“Mei Ji is here too,” said Farlow all of a sudden.

It was a good topic to shift Batum’s focus. His narrow eyes brightened and he laughed vulgarly. “My woman is here. Excellent! I’ve been trying to find her several times. She wasn’t home. It turns out that she came to this place after she returned to the Sea of Annihilation. My woman is very active. She has good intelligence too.”

“Don’t waste our time!” snorted the old woman of the Devouring Clan. She impatiently rolled her eyes at Batum.

Batum wore a cold face. “Tate invited me here. I’m not subjected to you. You shouldn’t tell me what to do!”

“Precursors, please, don’t.” Tate hurried to reconcile them. “We have the same goal. Moreover, I have better information. We shouldn’t have internal conflicts at this moment. To find this place, our Soul Clan has planned for years. Hundreds of warriors died. Today, we finally got here. Don’t start another battle before we find something.”

Batum and the Devouring Clan woman didn’t say more. They snorted and turned away.

Farlow and Telika exchanged looks. They saw fear in each other’s eyes. Finally, they knew they had just shallow information. For this vestige, the Soul Clan had sacrificed hundreds of warriors. They had planned this for years. Tate’s teacher also came to the Sea of Annihilation this time. They didn’t know why he had to come here but now, they knew.

They finally realized that Tate’s teacher came here because of this vestige.

Then, they turned to look around to find that old freak.

However, they didn’t see him.

“Where’s my woman?” Batum gazed at Telika.

Telika forced a smile and shook his head. “As soon as she came, she left. This place is so spacious. Who knows where she is!”

Your woman?

Telika disdained him secretly. Recalling when Shi Yan and Mei Ji stated their relationship, he was waiting to see how outrageous Batum would be when he learned about that.

He didn’t dare to tell him now as he was afraid that Batum wouldn’t care about the Black Demon Clan and kill him and Farlow if he got enraged.

“Prioritize our business,” Tate looked at the area ahead. “We should reach the destination first.”

Batum and the old woman from the Devouring Clan nodded. Tate guided them toward the direction Audrey and Mei Ji had disappeared.

Watching them hurry to leave, Farlow pondered for a while and then said, “It seems like we only have shallow information. As soon as Mei Ji came here, she headed to that direction too. It means that something important was there. Why would we waste our time here?”

“Let’s go. We should go there and see. At least we have to know what happened so we have something to report to the clan when we go home,” said Telika begrudgingly.


Deep inside the ruins under the light dome.

Ling Mei and the members of the Mysterious Sky Clan were searching around. Suddenly, they lifted their heads to look.

Batum, Tate, and the others were gliding above their heads. Batum stooped to see her. He looked surprised, but he didn’t stop.

Ling Mei let out a slight cough and gathered her clansmen. “Batum and Tate are here. They’re heading to the same direction Mei Ji had left. They didn’t stop along the way. It seems like they know something we don’t. We shouldn’t walk around aimlessly like this.

“Madam, please decide!” thundered the men.

“We’re going there too!” Ling Mei decided and then led her fellows by flying up. Soon, they found Telika and Farlow behind. They were more certain with the decision to go this direction.


“If we can’t explore this ancient building, we will never be able to leave. This place is the key.” Ming Hao stooped like a meditating monk. “I can’t sense the call here. Only you two have the ability to do that. Think harder.”

“What method do I have?” the God Lord’s voice was so cold. “If I had a solution, I would have done it a long time ago.”

“You can’t get in there?” Shi Yan was surprised.

“You can try,” ridiculed the God Lord.

“Let me think for a while.” As Shi Yan found that the God Lord can’t do anything, he didn’t hurry to try. He found a place and sat on the rock pile not far from the other two. He lifted his head to observe the building with the moving Absolute Beginning symbols and tried to think.

Quietly, Shi Yan moved his soul altar to stimulate the power Upanishads and change them constantly.

The Star, Devouring, Space, and Death power Upanishads took turns moving. The aura on his body changed accordingly. It was immense and then it turned into a bottomless dark cave. The next moment, it disappeared and reappeared with heavy Death Qi. His aura changed marvelously.

He was urging the Life power Upanishad…

All of a sudden, a strong vibe came from the tier of power Upanishad. The Life power Upanishad surged. His head now became a sea of life with endless vitality.

Almost instantaneously, billions of Absolute Beginning symbols on the ancient building glowed as bright as the stars!

Brian and Ming Hao discolored as they were dumbstruck. They lifted their heads to look at the brilliant ancient building.

At the same time, Shi Yan suddenly understood the meaning of those Absolute Beginning words. So many identical Absolute Beginning symbols had the same and only meaning: Life!

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