God of Slaughter

Chapter 1424 - I Don’t Dare to Make That Step…

Chapter 1424: I Don’t Dare to Make That Step…
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The God Lord Brian stood up. His eyes had the light of the sun, moon, and the stars, his body radiating brilliant lights.

He looked like a Light Angel.

He turned to Ming Hao, his face nonchalant. “You and I’ve been trapped her for so many years. Our territory is at its most critical time. Maybe Hui is invading us. If you don’t want to see only a blank void when we go home and if you don’t want to see all the races killed, you know what to choose.”

Pausing for a while, Brian took a deep breath. “There’s something you know already. If our territory is destroyed and if Hui killed Desolate, all the creatures that Desolate has created and all the souls that were born in Desolate Territory would perish in just a blink.

“You and I can never escape the bind of fate. Unless we can reach the Immortal Realm soon, there’s another way to survive, perhaps!”

The archaic building was emitting cold light. Ming Hao was just as big as an ant on the rock compared to the colossal building. He frowned and contemplated.

Shi Yan knew that Ming Hao was hesitant. He was considering the God Lord’s suggestion.

Being trapped for dozens of years, Ming Hao knew that the complete ancient building would be the key for them to leave this place. Brian the God Lord had the Origin of the Ancient God Continent, which was also a wisp of Desolate’s soul. As he came here following the call, it would be the key to unlock this area.

The God Lord’s suggestion was tempting. Brian wanted Shi Yan’s co-soul and he was willing to give up the host soul with the marvelous Devouring power Upanishad, which helped him receive Bloodthirsty’s inheritance.

It was a lie if he said he wasn’t tempted. However, Ming Hao still hesitated.

Shi Yan was the heir that Bloodthirsty had chosen. He was the new master of this generation. He also had the Origin of the ancient continent. He had qualifications to decode the mysteries of this ancient building too.

Joining hands with Shi Yan to kill the God Lord and let him discover the building was another option.

However, this option was going to be tough. He knew how powerful the God Lord was. He had fought against the God Lord for many years in this area. He knew him well. Even if he got Shi Yan on his side now, he wasn’t so sure about the success rate.

He hesitated and switched his line of sight from the God Lord to Shi Yan.

Suddenly, his face stiffened as he pried, “Immortal Realm?”

Dozens of years passed since Hui had thrown them here, but it’d not been one hundred years yet. Shi Yan had advanced a big step to the Immortal Realm. Ming Hao was astounded, indeed.

The God Lord also found this. He discolored slightly. “As you can break through to the Immortal Realm in just a short time, if I don’t kill you now, I won’t get a chance later.”

He then turned to Ming Hao. “It’s my chance. This is also your chance. If you let it go, you will have to serve him for the rest of your life. The same thing happened ten thousand years ago. You had to serve Bloodthirsty and you will have to serve him. Ming Hao, I understand you. I know who you are. What makes you hesitant?”

“Ming Hao, I’ve met Ming Hong. He’s alive. He has been in the Sea Domain of Nihility all the time. And now, he has fused with Audrey,” said Shi Yan all of a sudden.

Ming Hao was shaken. “He… he’s still alive?”

“Ming Hao, kill him. When you get his soul, you can search through his memories!” said the God Lord coldly.

“Is it really hard to leave this place? If so, how could I come here easily?” said Shi Yan.

Ming Hao lifted his head and looked at Shi Yan.

“Didn’t Hui send you here?” This time, the God Lord was also surprised.

“I came here from the Sea of Annihilation through the light curtain. Above us is the Sea of Annihilation, the most lively and bustling area of the Sea Domain of Nihility with hundreds of races,” said Shi Yan calmly.

Ming Hao and the God Lord’s eyes brightened.

“Do you know the location of the entrance to our territory?” Shi Yan was moved.

“Of course, yes,” Ming Hao looked at the massive building behind him and the light curtain above their heads. “If we can get out of this place, I can find the territory entrance to go back. If you can get in here, you can get out too. Anyway, the two of us have tried. No matter what we do, we can’t break the light curtain above. Also, the key to opening the light curtain is possibly in there.”

He pointed at the ancient building in front of them.

“What does it say? It’s an Absolute Beginning word. What does it mean?” asked Shi Yan.

“Ask him,” frowned Ming Hao.

Shi Yan turned to the God Lord. “You’ve fused with the heaven flame more than me. I’ve traveled through the Sea Domain of Nihility. I know one thing. If you can fuse all the heaven flames, you can finally open the soul of the Absolute Beginning creature and get to know the secret of the old times. You can understand the Absolute Beginning languages and you can comprehend Dark Energy too…”

“If all the heaven flames are merged into one, I can learn Dark Energy?” Brian interrupted him excitedly. He suddenly shouted, “Who told you that?”

“The experts of the Seven Great Clans in the Sea Domain of Nihility. They all agree with that. Some know that I have a wisp of the soul of an Absolute Beginning creature so they’ve chased after me. They want to take my soul to break through the Territory Ancestor Realm,” explained Shi Yan.

“Territory Ancestor Realm?” Ming Hao and the God Lord looked at each other.

“After the Immortal Realm, it’s the Territory Ancestor Realm. Bloodthirsty… should be a Territory Ancestor expert. Dark Energy is the key to break through.”

Shi Yan was surprised that the two supreme experts in Desolate Territory, the highest existences, didn’t know about this realm. Now, he knew how isolated the Desolate Territory was and how far it had drifted away from Sea Domain of Nihility.

“I’ve been dedicatedly studying Bloodthirsty’s remains for ten thousand years. I had never thought about fusing the heaven flame completely. I was steered incorrectly from the start. It turns out that the correct way was right inside me. It’s not fun at all.” Brian didn’t know if he should smile or cry. His face became strange.

“I’ve been to the Sea Domain of Nihility for many years, but I haven’t met any creature. I thought that the Sea Domain of Nihility was really a place of nothing. Why could you meet a lot of people?” Ming Hao was skeptical.

Shi Yan couldn’t explain that. He didn’t know that Ming Hong had the answer they needed, either. The route those precursors had taken was derived from the center of the Sea Domain of Nihility to somewhere remote and unknown. Of course, they couldn’t meet any high-level, free creatures in this vast sea of stars.

“I don’t know. When you meet Ming Hong, you can ask him,” Shi Yan shook his head.

“I’m still one step away from fusing all the heaven flames. Recently, I’ve always restrained myself not to make that step.” The God Lord looked at the building with the unknown symbols, his face reluctant.

“What are you afraid of?” asked Shi Yan.

“As you’ve said, after I’ve completely fused with the heaven flames, I can trigger the memory of the soul to understand Dark Energy. At my realm, I can reach the Territory Ancestor Realm successfully. I can understand the Absolute Beginning languages too. Anyway, I’m not sure if I will still be me if that happens…”

“What do you mean?” Ming Hao changed his visage.

“Is it what it has been waiting for the whole time? For me to finally fuse with its soul completely? Will I become part of it and lose myself completely? When that happens, who can tell if I will be just a part of its soul and its soul will swallow me completely? It has been several years and I still don’t have the guts to make that step. I’m hesitant because of this,” the God Lord whispered.

Ming Hao knitted his brows.

Shi Yan looked pensive.

He understood the God Lord’s concerns.

In fact, what the God Lord was concerned about was also his issue. He was worried that one day, when the co-soul finally fused all the heaven flames, he would lose himself instantly. The Origin of Grace Mainland would replace him. However, he didn’t have deep thoughts like the God Lord.

“I want to ask you. How many souls do you have?” asked Shi Yan.

“Of course, only one.” The God Lord replied and then said, “I know you have two souls. You’re not like us. The Devouring power Upanishad that you have is too evil. You’re Desolate’s archenemy. If you hadn’t had the co-soul, your soul would have been swallowed by the Origin of Grace Mainland.”

The God Lord’s eyes brightened. His heart beat faster when he thought about something.

He knew what Shi Yan was going to say next.


Shi Yan smiled straightforwardly, “Then why do you want to kill me? Even if you kill me to get my soul, you still have only one soul. You will still be afraid because you don’t know what will happen when you stimulate the soul with the Origin. You don’t know if you will be replaced or not. You’re scared. But I’m not. I have two souls. I have more options than you! Even if it happens as you say, I will at most lose my co-soul and that won’t kill me.”

Ming Hao understood. He turned to the God Lord and said, “If you are afraid, we can let him try it first. Let him fuse with the heaven flames and see what will happen.”

“We don’t know how long it will take until he completely fuses all the heaven flames! I’ve been waiting for ten thousand years!” snorted the God Lord.

“I still have two flows of heaven flames to fuse. I think it won’t take up to one billion years,” grinned Shi Yan.

The God Lord kept silent. After a long time, he sat back on his pile of rocks. “Maybe I should wait longer.”

He was still afraid. He was afraid that he would be replaced by the Ancient God Continent’s Origin after he had merged all the heaven flames.

A long, long time ago, Bloodthirsty’s last words had told him that he was just a pawn of Desolate. He was just a pawn to kill Bloodthirsty. He could feel Desolate’s power every minute in his territory.

Because he was aware of Desolate’s existence. He knew how terrible it was. Thus, he was scared.

Also, he had spent ten thousand years studying Bloodthirsty’s remains. Hedid this as he wanted to learn Dark Energy. He didn’t dare to make the final step.

From some aspect, he thought Bloodthirsty was right, so what he said had affected him for ten thousand years.

Of course, if he fused with the last heaven flame to perceive Dark Energy and reach the Territory Ancestor Realm, but was still himself and not replaced by the Origin of the Ancient God Continent, there would be nothing to discuss.

If that happened, Bloodthirsty’s last words were just a lie to harm him. That expert had arranged him another match that had held him back for ten thousand years, making him stuck at the Peak of Immortal Realm.

The God Lord couldn’t guess what would happen. He had to wait until Shi Yan had fused the heaven flame to guess and to know Bloodthirsty’s real intentions.

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