God of Slaughter

Chapter 1423 - Meet Old Friends

Chapter 1423: Meet Old Friends
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Dozens of thousands of gray souls hovered around Audrey like innumerable clusters of clouds. It looked like she was wearing a long fishtail dress with souls like waves on the hem and scales on the body of her dress. Each of those souls emitted a dangerous aura.

The seven brutal souls had resized and turned into precious armor on her shoulders, waist, and back. If one didn’t look carefully, he couldn’t recognize them.

Especially at her left shoulder, Ming Hong was just as big as a small palm. He crouched so people thought he was just a small flower decorating her dress.

However, at first glance, Mei Ji knew what it was…

After screaming, Mei Ji had strange light in her eyes. She immediately lowered her voice and said in astonishment, “Singh had refined dozens of thousands of souls and even seven brutal souls for several thousand years. You got them all?”

Mei Ji discolored before Audrey answered because she suddenly recognized another possibility. She acted as if she was facing the archenemy. Ice began to appear on her body. “You’re Singh, aren’t you?” she hissed and felt panic-stricken.

Audrey had only Incipient God Realm cultivation base. She was the most suitable object for Singh to possess. With dozens of souls gathering around her, Singh could have robbed Audrey’s soul!

“I’m not him.” Audrey was surprised, but she acted fast. She turned to look at Ming Hong and felt lucky.

Without Ming Hong, a precursor in her clan at Incipient God Realm, even if she could use all of her power, she couldn’t absorb dozens of thousands of souls that Singh had spent thousands of years to tame and refine. She wouldn’t have had such a marvelous encounter.

“Prove it,” Mei Ji was cautious.

“She doesn’t need to do that,” Ming Hong snorted. His small body was swelling like a balloon. Shortly after, he became more than one hundred meters tall and hovered like a Demogorgon above Audrey’s head. “This woman is hurt badly. She hasn’t recovered yet. The six brutal souls and I can deal with her or even kill her.”

Ming Hong’s voice arose in Audrey’s head and told her his competence.

Of course, Mei Ji couldn’t hear him. Anyway, seeing Ming Hong transform, she knew that he didn’t mean good. Her thoughts flickered and she reacted. “You thought that I killed Shi Yan and refined the Absolute Beginning’s soul in his soul?”

“I don’t think so,” Audrey shook her head. “You’re powerful, but it’s not easy to deal with Shi Yan. Anyway, I don’t sense his aura on you. Thus, he must be still alive.”

“You aren’t Singh,” Mei Ji was surprised. From Audrey’s tone, she could guess her real identity. Pondering, she sighed. “You’re right. I can’t refine that rascal. He’s right down there. He asked me to find you…”


“Yeah, right in the ruins under the light curtain. Only he could get through it. We are stopped here. See those ripples? They’re too fatal. We haven’t had a solution to dissolve it yet.”

While they were talking, Ling Mei, Farlow, and Yerburgh were using their powers and secret weapons to attack the light protection. The cold blue light stabbed the light dome. Hundreds of small boxes moved like the fish, arraying a formation. Then, all the boxes opened. Thunder reverberated grumblingly.


Thunder roared and sounded like a massive hammer pounding on the light dome. The fatal ripples exploded and created a hole.

Telika nodded but he actually felt painful inwardly. Lightning flashed. Then, so many lightning balls emerged from the Incipient Extent above his head before he retrieved the boxes.

It was a secret treasure that the Territory Ancestor Realm precursor in his clan had awarded him when he had broken through to the Immortal Realm. It was so strong, but he couldn’t use it continuously. It was his life-protection treasure, anyway.

While trapped in those green bubbles, he had used this treasure to escape. He had used it once. And today, to eliminate the dangerous waves, he had to use it again. He successfully created a crack on the light dome.

As soon as the crack appeared, Telika hadn’t reacted yet when Yerburgh grinned and plunged through the crack first.

The black armored men of the Mysterious Sky Clan behind Ling Mei also wanted to jump into the ruins.

Ling Mei rose one hand to stop them and said earnestly, “Don’t rush. Let him go first to check.”

They halted and appraised their leader for being cautious. They knew that this area was so strange and malicious. That’s why their leader had to be ginger. They then watched Yerburgh.

Yerburgh got through the crack smoothly. Nothing dangerous happened to him.

“Go! Go! Now!” Ling Mei’s eyes brightened. Her hot body moved like a flame and dashed faster than Farlow, storming toward the seabed.

Farlow and the members of the Mysterious Sky Clan followed her closely through the crack, one after another.

“We should get in there first! We’ll talk about it later!” While Mei Ji was talking to Audrey, she still paid attention to the others. Seeing Yerburgh worm through the crack, she knew that they had made some progress. She talked to Audrey and then turned into an icy light, shooting toward the crack.

Audrey didn’t say much. She hurried to follow Mei Ji.

Shadows like arrows got through the crack to enter the world under the light dome.

Several seconds after Audrey disappeared, the crack closed. The ripples that had just exploded flooded over and fixed the crack.

The light dome closed one more time.


Following the call in his soul, Shi Yan was moving through the vast ruins on the seabed. He glided above the grand, colossal buildings, which looked as small as the rocks.

The world inside the light dome was even wider than an entire life star. Shi Yan’s released Soul Consciousness reported to him a vast area, which seemed to not have borders.

The call in his soul sounded pretty close. However, when he was pursuing it, it turned to be a great distance.

A wisp of Soul Consciousness was sent to the Heavenly Fantasy Star Compass. Checking the time measurement, he was surprised.

After entering the light curtain, he had continuously flown without a single second of resting. With the speed of a warrior with Space power Upanishad like him, he had flown for half a month.

After half a month flying crazily without a moment for rest, he could get through half of the entire Agate Star Area. However, he hadn’t reached the location of the call, which sounded within a reach in his mind. The world under the light dome was indeed immensely vast.

He had spent his efforts traveling for fifteen days. He didn’t have time to observe the colossal buildings underneath.

Also, as he hadn’t noticed those ancient ruins, he didn’t know they were built in many strange shapes: an egg, a cone, a tower, and something bizarre. They were really different. Sometimes, something shimmered deep in those ruins.

It seemed like there was a cold metal piece there. In a short glimpse when he glided over, he could catch their light.

Shi Yan didn’t mind them much.

Time flew as fast as the shutter. Five days passed like a blink of an eye.

Shi Yan halted and looked ahead as he couldn’t subside his surprised countenance.

A massive building stood like a soul altar with hundreds of floors. Those floors stacked up and created a building like a ten-thousand-meter high mountain. This ancient building had countless windows and each of them was large, though. Also, surprisingly, it was well preserved. There was no discernible damage.

The archaic soul-altar-like building was shimmering in a metal gold light.

Countless magical tadpole symbols were like billions of fish swimming on the building unceasingly.

However, at a closer look, even though there were billions of symbols, all of them were the same. They were an unknown, Absolute Beginning word.

Billions of identical symbols were moving around the walls of the massive, mountain-like building. That building looked like a huge fortress that reached the sky. While the symbols were moving, they lit up the entire building and glowed in a cold halo that could threaten the souls.

Shi Yan looked at the building from a far distance. He shivered, his eyes strange.

The energy that fluctuated the call came from those billions of symbols. While they were swimming around, the call ran directly into his Sea of Consciousness. An archaic sound that was replaying endlessly shook his co-soul on the tier of heaven flames. This vibrant call had burst his heaven flames.

Thud! Thud!

Two sounds of the rock being lifted arose from the ruins beside the ancient building, but they weren’t really loud.

Shi Yan was sensitive enough to check it. Discoloring, he pulled himself to observe the area, which was relatively close to him.

The two persons that shouldn’t be here emerged from the pile of rocks. They lifted their heads and screamed in fear, “Shi Yan!”

“God Lord Brian! Ming Hao!” Shi Yan was so frightened that his heart almost jumped out of his chest.

Brian the Chief of the God Clan and Ming Hao the Soul Control Chief of the Bloodthirsty Force. Hui had used its supernatural power to teleport them away. And now, they emerged from the piles of rocks under this ancient building.

It was unimaginable!

“Why are you here?”

“Why are you two here?”

Shi Yan, the God Lord, and Ming Hao had screamed at the same time. They were so dumbstruck and they felt that this was really weird.

“We’ve been trapped here all the time.” Ming Hao pondered for a few seconds. He stood on the rocks, still in his soul form. While he was talking, he lifted his head to look at the colossal building with countless swimming Absolute Beginning symbols. He said with respect, “We weren’t here at first. Brian had received a call so we tracked it down and came here. We want to solve this riddle. Anyway, after dozens of years, we couldn’t figure out anything.”

“You also got the soul call?” Shi Yan was baffled.

Brian the God Lord was sitting cross-legged. He glanced at Shi Yan, his eyes strange. “It turns out you came here because of the call too. Perhaps it’s because the memory I got from fusing with Desolate wasn’t enough to decode this mystery. Perhaps, after I kill you and get your soul, I can get into the ancient building.”

He got up immediately.

“Ming Hao, do you want to get trapped here forever or get out of here? If you want to leave, don’t stop me from killing this kid. I want his co-soul. You can have his host soul and his Devouring power Upanishad. What do you think?”

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